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Fitting a Master Key System at the Office: All the Pros and Cons You Need to Know

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Want to improve your business’s security?

Try a master key system. While this is a common security measure leveraged by landlords and hotels, it’s a popular option for businesses, too.

But what if you don’t know exactly how a master key system works? And what pros and cons do you have to consider before installation?

Understanding How a Master Key System Works

The master key system is designed to provide you with a more streamlined security process.

Essentially, one key can open multiple doors, rather than being fitted for a single lock only. Businesses and organizations utilize master key systems to manage their security more effectively, enjoying tighter control over which employees have access to certain areas.

Switching to a master key system is a big departure from the standard lock-and-key security setup you may have at present. It may take some time to weigh up your options, but the below list of pros and cons should help to make your choice a little easier.

Master Key System Pros

Save time and avoid frustration

You may be used to having a set of keys in your pocket or attached to your belt throughout the day. This can be cumbersome and frustrating, especially when you’re trying to find a certain key for a door in a hurry.

Locking your office up properly can take longer than it should when you have several keys in your set. The main entrance, private offices, store cupboards, toilets — there’s lots to handle at the start and end of each day.

But with a master key system, you have just one key for multiple locks. It’s fast. It’s simple. It’s efficient.

Keep tight control of your business security

You might struggle to keep track of several keys for your office, particularly if you oversee a large team. Everyone needs access to specific rooms or areas at one time or another. You have to know who has which key to avoid security risks.

Otherwise, you have no idea where keys are or how secure your office is.

And this is obviously a major problem. What if someone were to get hold of a missing key and gain access to your site while it’s unoccupied? How can you feel reassured of your business and workforce’s safety when all of the keys are unaccounted for?

A master key system restricts the number of keys required for your business. You can keep just one zipped away in your pocket all day and make the rest of your team adapt to this change accordingly.

Manage access authorizations efficiently

Want to keep certain members of your team away from valuable records or expensive equipment?

A master key restricts access and prevents anyone without authorization entering a room they shouldn’t. Employees will need to request access from you or the keyholder directly. This creates greater accountability in your workplace.

Master Key System Cons

Installation cost

Installing a master key system in your office obviously costs money. But it’s a valuable investment if your current security setup is outdated or you work in a high-crime area.

A 24 Locksmith is committed to keeping our prices affordable. All rates are highly competitive and cater to customers on diverse budgets.

You may need time to adapt

Becoming comfortable with a master key system can take time, but stick with it. Speak to all members of your business before installation and explain how the new process will work.

This is vital to keep everyone up-to-date and aware of the changes the new system will bring.