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Tips to Increase Car Security for Car Owners in Sacramento, CA

There are many ways to increase car security other than the standard automatic locked doors and windows inherent in the vehicle. However, the type of security these automatically locked doors and windows afford still depends on the car’s brand, make, and model. If a car model is old or a newly-acquired vehicle is secondhand, it is always better to err on the side of caution and avail of improved car security systems, which we at A 24 Locksmith will now brush you upon using the following tips and tricks below.

  1. Install an alarm system

    Alarm systems are not just for homes and businesses now. More often than not, carnappers and robbers take advantage of older model cars that no longer have functioning alarm systems. The best way to deter them is an alarm system that will make so much noise anyone in the immediate vicinity will be alerted.

  2. Have a car immobilizer installed

    A car immobilizer is perfect for when a carnapper tries to jumpstart or hotwire a car to try to steal it. Car immobilizers prevent the car from starting when the proper key is not used to make it start. While generally, it does not prevent a car from being damaged (due to the jumpstart or hotwire attempt) it will prevent the car from being stolen.

  3. Have a GPS or car tracking system installed

    Most drivers rely on the GPS on their phones or navigation systems in their cars to find their way around Sacramento, but a tracking device or GPS system installed inside a car is also a good way to prevent the car from being taken away. And in the event the car does get taken away, it will be easier to find with the help of a tracking device. Smartphones are a good help for this tip as a tracking app installed on the smartphone will help find the car more quickly and efficiently.

  4. Go the old-fashioned way and just put a steering wheel lock, gearstick lock or handbrake lock in place

    Steering wheel locks, gearstick locks, and handbrake locks in the form of metal/steel bars and the like have been used by car-owners since time immemorial. Although generally they require more time for drivers to install (since the driver has to disengage the lock every time he has to use the car and lock it again once it’s time to park and leave it), steering wheel, gearstick and handbrake locks are surefire ways of immobilizing a car and making it steal-proof. If the car in question is lightly tinted or has no tint at all, the presence of these locks is a good way of deterring carnappers from even attempting to steal the car.

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