What are the Pros and Cons of Installing a Master Key System in Your Home?

Worried about your home security?

Want to protect your loved ones, property, and valuables?

Investing in the best security solutions available can be daunting, especially with so many options on the market. Cutting-edge alarm systems, innovative camera set-ups you can control via your smartphone — there’s a lot to consider.

And one of the most popular security measures in modern homes is a master key system. But what is this? And what benefits and drawbacks does it offer?

Master Key Systems Explained

A master key system is much simpler than the name may suggest. One key offers access to multiple areas within a specific location, such as an office block or hospital.

A keyholder with a master key for one floor in a school, for example, could open all classrooms without switching between keys.

The same applies to master key systems within the home: one key will open two, three, or any number of locks.

The Pros of a Master Key System in the Home

  • Increased Convenience

    Increased convenience is one of the biggest benefits of installing a master key system in the home. A responsible adult can choose to set-up a master key for every door within the property, empowering them with the freedom to enter their children’s bedrooms, the basement, and more with a single key.

    This saves time in an emergency — there’s no need to search through drawers and boxes when urgency is crucial.

  • Control Access

    If you have kids, it’s fair to assume you want to restrict access to certain rooms or spaces.

    Young children can be inquisitive, and explore the home without realizing the risks. They may find the key to the basement, for example, and trip down the stairs or interact with dangerous power tools.

    A master key system puts greater control in your hands: you know which doors are locked and you hold the only key. There’s no need to worry about where different keys for different doors are. It’s simple, secure, and reassuring.

The Cons of a Master Key System in the Home

    • Security Risks

      If your master key falls into the wrong hands, a stranger will have access to all relevant areas in your home.

      And this can lead to serious problems. But let’s keep this in perspective: the same is true of any key.

      After all, a criminal with a copy of your front door key could wander into your property just as easily. Yes, they may be unable to unlock doors with incompatible locks, but they do have other means of gaining access.

      So, it’s crucial to take care of your master key at all times to maximize safety, just as you would any key in your set.

    • Replacing Multiple Locks

      Another drawback of installing a master key system in your home? Having to replace all related locks in the event of compromised security.

      Let’s say you lose your master key or someone takes it from you by force. You would need to contact professional locksmiths to fit new locks on every door throughout the property — a potentially time-consuming process.

      However, you may find the increased control, peace of mind, and convenience your master key system creates outweighs this potential risk.

As you can see, there’s lots to think about before committing to fitting a master key system in your home. But A 24 Hour Locksmith’s team is here to answer your questions, provide all the information you need, and install a cutting-edge master key system at a competitive rate.

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