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Expert Key Cutting Services in Sacramento, CA

Do you need a duplicate key as soon as possible?

Key cutting is a complex process that requires precision and invaluable expertise. The duplicate key must be an exact match of the original to fit into the corresponding lock properly. Any issues can prevent you from gaining access to your home, office, or vehicle until you get another duplicate key cut correctly.

That’s why you should only trust a reputable locksmith company to cut keys for you.

A 24 Hour Locksmith Sacramento provides professional key cutting services at incredible prices. We work with certified locksmith technicians with thorough training and years of hands-on experience in cutting keys. They use the latest key-cutting technology to achieve the best results in the shortest time.


Key Cutting Available 24 Hours a Day


As you might guess from our name, A 24 Hour Locksmith Sacramento offers full 24/7 service across Sacramento. You can rely on our team and our network of licensed affiliates to create your keys at any time of the day or night.

Our round-the-clock key cutting services are perfect for any emergency, on any day of the year. You might need a key created so a loved one can water your plants while you’re on vacation, or when you have a new lock installed on your front door, or in any number of other situations.

With our 24-hour key cutting services in Sacramento, you can replace any key when it suits you. Our team is happy to speak to you in the middle of the night, first thing in the morning, or even on a holiday.


Professional Key Cutting for Auto, Commercial, and Residential


A 24 Hour Locksmith Sacramento helps customers from across the local community with our key cutting services.

For example, businesses of all sizes contact us when they need one or more keys for different types of locks. But we can also cut keys for homeowners after they upgrade their security and require duplicate keys for new locks.

Drivers also call A 24 Hour Locksmith Sacramento in emergencies. We cut keys for a wide range of vehicles, which is ideal if you’re locked out of your car or want to share it with a loved one without needing to use the same key.

As we cover residential, commercial, and auto key cutting, you can rely on A 24 Hour Locksmith for help in any key-related emergency.

Fast and Affordable Key Cutting Services in Sacramento


Expecting a long, laborious wait to have your new keys cut? Don’t — A 24 Hour Locksmith Sacramento works efficiently to provide quick, convenient key cutting solutions.

But we’re not just fast — we’re affordable too. Our key cutting services are priced competitively, just like the rest of our locksmith solutions, with transparency and no hidden fees. One of our in-house team members will give you a fantastic quote and any details you need to know, with friendly service.

Call A 24 Hour Locksmith Sacramento now to learn more about our key cutting services and get your amazing quote.